FULL VIDEO: Billy Jack Sanchez Fires Back At Erwin Tulfo “Di Ako Drug Addict”

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Viral now in social media is the latest retaliation of Billy Jack Sanchez to Erwin Tulfo wherein he strongly urged he is not a drug addict.

Billy Jack Sanchez becomes controversial a few days ago wherein Sanchez engaged in a heated argument with traffic authorities, saying he has no violation it’s his back ride which happens to be his girlfriend.

In the video you can witness Billy lambasting the newcast journalist for allegedly stating he is a drug addict.

Billy Jack Sachez

He added if proven negative Tulfo will resign on TV5, he stressed out he is doing his best to be successful in life.

“Pag napatunayang kong negative ako sa drug test puT*ng In* mo, mag resign kana sa TV5”.

“Ma angas kalang dahil may mga body guards ka” Sanchez to Erwin

Meanwhile, Erwin Tulfo had yet to release a statement relating to the issue.



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