Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Wife “Irish Nacua” Betrayed Her Best friend “Maria Jannifay Pitoy” And Steal Her Friends Husband

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In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action, here is a story of betrayal between two best of friends wherein the woman is acting like a comforter but had a dark intent for her best friends husband.

Cheating is always a big problem in every relationship because if lust will overtake any member of the couple surely their relationship will fall off.

Back to the story:

According to the wife her best friend is her comforter in times she had a problem with his husband also vice versa, but in the time goes by the wife notice something different between her best friend and husband and later confirmed they had a relationship with each other.

The sad news is they both had a child, according to the wife her best friend and husband still continue their relationship up to date but the other woman falsified her claim they already ended their affair in the year 2018.

The best friend also pleaded to the wife to talk in personal to settle their rift to avoid any complications on the issue which is also suggested by Idol Raffy Tulfo.

For more details kindly watch the video down below:

Wanted Sa Radyo

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