FULL VIDEO: Kiko Matos Challenge Streamer Eric Tai Eruption On A Fist Fight Trending Online

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Viral now in social is the recent news of Kiko Matos challenging Eric Tai Eruption in a fist fight.

Eric is a former host/dancer/model turned into a gamer and a live streamer, while Kiko is a former actor turned in a mixed martila fighter.

The rift started between the two when Eruption posted “Kikay Matos isang pitik lang kita lipad kana sa Jupiter”.

It seems like the trash talk gone serious wherein Kiko responded by posting a video live via Facebook saying he is ready for a fight anytime, anywhere.

He added “hindi ako natatakot sa iya kahit malaki ang katawan mo at walang malaking nakakapuwing”

(I am not afraid of you regarding of your size).

Matos “Face me Eric, face me [email protected]!.

It is remembered that Matos and Baron Geisler had a fight which each other in the octagon to settle their rift with each other.


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