VIRAL NOW: “Matulis” Controversial Video Of Samantha Former Girlfriend Of ML Pro Player Rene Jay Reaction Here!

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Viral now in social media is the recent controversial video of Samantha the girlfriend of ML pro player Rene Jay.

Renejay is known for his Chou pro plays and creative game making decisions.

Controversial video are rampant now due to some immoralities in the mind of this generation, according to studies this centuries are affected by technological advancement by using smartphones and other gadgets.

The video had been deleted but according to netizens Samantha posted picture and videos naked.

Renejay revealed that he cannot focus on his game due to what happened and he cannot believe it.

“Maraming nag sesend sakin ng photos at video of her (Samantha),” he added he is hurt of what happened.

“Ang hirap mag move on, pero kailangan eh”.

Renejay added he is willing to give her a second chance and go back into a relationship with her and develop a good relationship with GOD.

Many netizens commended Renejay actions and stated he is matured to handle the situation and a kind-hearted person, despite of what happened he is willing to forgive him.

Let us watch the full video down below:

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