Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Sensitive Incident Mother Engage In A Carnal Intercourse With Her 3 Years Old Child While Taking A Video

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In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo here is a unique and savage incident wherein a mother is engaged in a carnal relationship with her 3 years old child while taking a video.

This relationship is considered to be taboo.

According to Idol Raffy for almost 30 years of his career in public service, this is the most disgusting video he has ever seen.

“Sa 30 years ko as public servant ito yung pinakababoy na natukalasan ko”.

The child’s father asked about the incident and stated he was shocked after he witnessed the incident.

On the other hand, the mother was interview lately and asked why she did this and answered “kumapit napo ako sa patalim sir, ako lang po ang bumubuhay sa anak ko”.

“Kumapit sa patalim” is a term of desperation, hopeless”

The program already contacted the authorities to ensure the child’s safety and avoid this incident to happen again.


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